'Spring fling' a duo exhibition by Anna Aagaard and Bianca Lee Vasquez. I composed a soundscape that will accompany their work in the gallery through out the whole month. Exhibition is on from 04-05-23 until 03-06-23  at Sainte Anne Gallery, Paris. 



‘Tijdcodes’ 24hours of saying timecodes throughout the day accompanied by the sounds of its surroundings. Fuelled by my obsession for everyday sounds and the way our voice changes by different situations/feelings.



Self-portrait editorial for Altuzarra's Pre-Fall Collection




Self-portrait for &OtherStories' Woman's day campaign




Self-portrait editorial for Marie-Claire Italia




Music for performance 'Febris'
Choreographed and performed by Simon Bus and Roy Overdijk



Music for performance 'Moon Grow Slow'
Choreography by Simon Bus
Performed by Alesya Dobysh and Wennah Wilkers



Self-portrait editorial for Vogue Man Netherlands




Louis Vuitton self-portrait editorial with family Kampman for So It Goes magazine




Music video for 'Hard as I try' a song by Odessa



Music video for 'Seaside Romantics' a song by Pilar Victoria


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